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words are strong,but when words are given a voice they can change the world, we believe that everyone's voice has that potential that's why we would love to help you to get noticed!

there are two ways we can help you:

1. you choose the topic/we research your niche
this is if you already have a podcast going on and need help with continuing it. or if you need help with just one individual topic(or series).

2. you select from our available podcast topics-
this is usually if you are new to the podcast scene or if you are starting a new series/topic on your podcast page. you can get our already made podcast scripts.

all our scripts can be tweaked according to your requirements. they will contain the words that you can use, alternatives to suit your style and tones that you can use to deliver with your voice.


we all have a story to tell, we all know how powerful these stories can be and how they can change someone's life. we can help you tell that story so that you can be part of someone's story!

you need a story for any occasion, be it a simple theatre play at your school or something as serious as a story for a movie/short movie, we can help you get inspiration for it. you can choose the tone, the genre and even the characters. or you can sit back and allow us to use our creative juices that you can use!

this service is perfect for social media posts, blogs and websites focused on storytelling. you can use the story for any of your creative work, be it a video, an advertisement or any platform where you need an element of a pleasing story.


need creative consistency? want to create that next magical world for your fans? if so this is the perfect service for you, if you want a story that you can turn it into a TV show and need help with it, we are ready to serve ya!

this is for storywriters, and movie/short movie directors who want help with their stories, if you are out of inspiration or need someone to continue your storytelling legacy, this is the perfect service for you. just reach out to us and we can set up a meeting to talk how we can help you write the next big tv show!

ready to write the next big thing? or be the voice of something crazy? reach out to us now!

podcast, stories & series

what are you looking to do?

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